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Our students are academic, athletic, and artistic achievers who attend some of the best high schools in the country. They are innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers, who deserve the best of the best when it comes to academic help and test prep. For our industry leading tutors, it is an honor to help SAT students achieve their goals. And it is a privilege to aid in their future successes.

In 2018, the stakes could not be higher. High school students are tightly scheduled, overloaded with homework, and fully aware of the importance of standardized tests when it comes to college admissions and scholarships. But with the right prep, the SAT does not have to be a dark cloud over the high school experience — or an additional source of anxiety for students and families.

Here at Noodle Pros, we curate the best SAT resources and techniques so that you don't have to. We are masters of standardized tests who have worked with multiple iterations of the SAT for up to 30 years. We work with students and families to create personalized prep plans, and often require fewer hours than competitors to achieve similar results.

As Noodle Pros tutors, we use diagnostic exams, practice tests, and face-to-face meetings to quickly identify holes in students' knowledge and preparation, and to quickly introduce strategies to recalibrate performance. But we are not only fixers; we are also listeners. Our students trust us, because we treat them with respect and individualized care. And, of course, because Noodle Pros achieve results.

To this day, your tutoring has been my survival guide through any type of examination. I wanted to thank you, to tell you that even 7 years after your tutoring — I couldn't have done it without you.

SAT Student

New York, NY

I will say unhesitatingly that Noodle Pros are diligent, intelligent, strategic, and always personable and exceptionally patient — my son would easily classify as a ‘challenging' pupil given very severe ADHD and executive functioning issues, and our tutor handled these circumstances like a seasoned professional.

SAT Parent

New York, NY

As a parent, I hired our Noodle Pros tutor because I knew he was the best in terms of getting the highest scores on these standardized tests. But I was thrilled that both of my sons really enjoyed their time and looked forward to sessions with him. And they both readily admit that without their tutor's help they would not have scored nearly as well as they did. Going into the tests, they expressed feeling prepared and confident, armed with the skills and content training they received

SAT Parent

Austin, TX

The Noodle Pros Approach

Profound tutor-student partnerships

Professional tutors with up to 32 years of SAT experience

Extensive knowledge of the most effective SAT resources

Expertise in learning differences and accommodations

Targeted and flexible prep to accommodate busy schedules

Immediate and lifelong impact on students

A Few Of Our Experts

Lisa Liberati
Los Angeles, CA and Online

One of Noodle Pros most experienced tutors, Lisa has been preparing students for the SAT for over 30 years. A Dartmouth graduate herself, Lisa is not only an expert on the SAT and other standardized tests, but on the entire admissions process. She has trained teachers and worked with thousands of students, and draws from her decades of experience to help students achieve dramatic results, fast.

Loren Dunn
New York, NY and Online

Loren is a Founding Tutor at Noodle Pros, and has been working with NYC-area students full-time since 2006. He was previously a member of the faculty at Johns Hopkins University, also his alma mater. He is equally skilled in breaking down the math and verbal portions of the SAT, and has identified tried and true methods to pass his this expertise on to his students.

Anna Gazumyan-Silverman
Teaneck, NJ and Online

Anna has been one of NY and NJ's most in-demand SAT/ACT experts for over a decade. She specializes in working with anxious testers, and has earned a reputation for helping students build their confidence and apply newly developed skills and techniques on test day.


SAT At A Glance

SAT Sections/Timing
Reading (text-based analysis) 52 multiple choice q's 65 mins
Writing (grammar & usage) 44 multiple choice q's 35 mins
Math (no calculator) 20 q's:
15 multiple choice/5 grid-ins
25 mins
Math (calculator optional) 38 q's:
30 multiple choice/8 grid-ins
55 mins
Essay (analyzing an argument) Optional 50 mins
Guessing Penalty? No
SAT 2018 Dates/Deadlines (US)
Test Date Registration Deadline
Aug. 25, 2018* July 27, 2018
Oct. 6, 2018* Sep. 7, 2018
Nov. 3, 2018* Oct. 5, 2018
Dec. 1, 2018 Nov. 2, 2018
March 9, 2019 Feb. 8, 2019
May 4, 2019* April 5, 2019
June 1, 2019* May 3, 2019
*Select SAT Subject Tests also offered

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