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Noodle Pros LSAT students are high achievers from a variety of backgrounds who seek admissions to the country's best law schools.

As Noodle Pros LSAT tutors, we stand at the top of our class in a crowded industry. We are more than just the sum of our (impressive) scores; we are master teachers with years of experience translating technique to practice. Students come to us at every stage of their processes because we are the most experienced in the 1:1 tutoring field. As test-takers ourselves, creators of practice materials, and lifelong teachers, we know the LSAT — and we know what it takes to succeed.

To hire one of us is to hire a tutor who can quickly and efficiently diagnose holes in your preparation process and develop a concrete plan to get you where you need to be, fast. In short, our students trust Noodle Pros, because we achieve results.

I appreciated my tutor's help so much. As a former teacher, I know that anyone can rely on methodology to go through the motions of tutoring, but it takes a special gift to be able to teach above and beyond the materials and ensure that students are actually retaining the material. My tutor's approach to teaching was very effective, and I attribute much of my success to her encouragement.

LSAT Student


My Noodle Pro was both my SAT and LSAT tutor. I would absolutely hire him again. He is able to relate to any student he works with, and makes the process entertaining with strong explanations involving practical scenarios. My tutor had a strong impact. We saw a marked improvement from my baseline LSAT score to my score on test day.

LSAT Student

New York

The Noodle Pros Approach

Profound tutor-student partnerships

Professional tutors with up to 30 years of LSAT experience

Extensive knowledge of the most effective LSAT resources

Extensive knowledge of the law school application process

Targeted and flexible prep to accommodate busy schedules

Immediate and lifelong impact on students

A Few Of Our Experts

Dan Edmonds
New York, NY and Online

An LSAT expert and tutor for more than 20 years, Dan boasts multiple 180 scores on the real LSAT. He draws from his years of experience to help high scoring students get even higher scores. Dan has a deep understanding of the structure and psychometrics of the test, and can quickly diagnose a student's specific needs to help them achieve desired results efficiently and effectively.

Kevin Shea
New York, NY and Online

Kevin has been tutoring for 7 years across multiple subjects, and personally achieved a perfect 180 score on the September 2017 LSAT administration. He specializes in tutoring students with scores in the 150s and 160s, and recently pulled a student from 153 (stalled after a prep course) to 164. He has extensive experience tutoring online and is able to work with students worldwide in any time zone.

Bobby Hood
Austin, TX and Online

Bobby is an expert online tutor for students worldwide. He scored a 177 on the LSAT and attended the University of Texas School of Law on a full-tuition scholarship. He has been tutoring the LSAT for 7 years, and specializes in helping high-scoring students obtain even higher scores. He is also a member of Mensa and the Triple Nine Society.


LSAT At A Glance

LSAT Sections/Timing
Reading Comprehension 27 Questions (approx) - questions based on select passages
- comparative reading
- tests ability to understand and analyze text and draw inferences
35 mins
Analytical Reasoning 25 Questions (approx) - AKA "logic games"
- analyzing relationships and sets of constraints
- making inferences based on given information
35 mins
Logical Reasoning (2 Sections) 2 Sets of 25 Questions (approx) - AKA "argument"
- comparing patterns of reasoning
- weighing evidence
- identifying assumptions
- drawing conclusions
35 mins each
Unscored Variable Section 25 Questions (approx) - An additional Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, or Logical Reasoning section. Though unscored, you have no way of knowing which section this is. 35 mins
Unscored Writing Sample 1 Essay - Unscored, but copies are sent to law schools.
- Make and defend a decision based on two positions or courses of action.
35 mins
Guessing Penalty? No. Answer every question, even with a guess.
Scheduling the LSAT
The LSAT is offered five times per year at designated testing centers. Saturday Sabbath observers have the option to test on a designated weekday for every administration.

There are two additional Spanish language LSAT administrations throughout the year.

The February LSAT is nondisclosed, meaning that test-takers will not receive a copy of their answer sheets or scored sections when online score reports are distributed.

Most law schools require applicants to take the LSAT by December in order to matriculate the following fall semester. We recommend taking an earlier administration (June or September/November) if you are planning to apply for the following year.
2018 English Language LSAT Test Dates/Deadlines (US)
Test Date Registration Deadline
Sep. 5, 2018* July 23, 2018
Sep. 8, 2018 July 23, 2018
Nov. 17, 2018 Oct. 8, 2018
Nov. 19, 2018* Oct. 8, 2018
Jan. 26, 2019 Dec. 17, 2018
Jan. 28, 2019* Dec. 17, 2018
*Saturday Sabbath observer only

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