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Don't let anxiety about the GRE prevent you from achieving your academic and professional goals. Whether you are an undergraduate preparing for the next phase of academia, or a professional going back for your advanced degree, high GRE scores will set you apart from your competition and improve your overall application package.

Noodle Pros have been tutoring the GRE for decades, and know exactly what it takes to earn that goal score. We work with students across a variety of fields to fill in content gaps and develop concrete test-taking strategies. With between 7 and 32 years of targeted test-prep under our belts, we often require fewer hours than competitors to achieve better results.

My Noodle Pro was a great tutor! She made my time studying for the GRE (particularly the math section) more pleasant, while still pushing me hard to succeed. Most importantly, she helped me raise my GRE scores significantly enough to make me competitive for graduate programs of interest. She taught me tricks that enabled me to find the right answer quickly- methods that are not taught always taught in school. I could not have learned this on my own, and it is this that most significantly improved my scores.

GRE Student

New Jersey

I hired a Noodle Pro to help me prepare for the GRE. She was a truly exceptional tutor. She was always a phone call away, and helped me not only prepare academically but also made me feel very confident in my abilities — which I believe is key for a good tutor. She was very well organized and structured her lessons plans efficiently, which made studying less overwhelming.

GRE Student


I knew nothing about the GRE when we I had my first session with a Noodle Pros tutor, and now my score is constantly improving. While I have been seeking to understand how the GRE operates, my tutor has been trying to understand how I, his student, operate. He acutely observes everything about my study habits and is very detail-oriented. Instead of throwing information at me and expecting results, we work together. The subject matter is tough, and it is nice to be on the same page with the person guiding you through your studies.

GRE Student

New York

The Noodle Pros Approach

Profound tutor-student partnerships

Professional tutors with up to 32 years of GRE experience

Extensive knowledge of the most effective GRE resources

Extensive knowledge of top graduate schools and programs

Targeted and flexible prep to accommodate busy schedules

Immediate and lifelong impact on students

A Few Of Our Experts

Neill Seltzer
New York, NY and Online

The CEO of Noodle Pros, Neill has been an in-demand test-prep tutor and test author for for 25+ years, and has worked with students all over the world. The GRE is his favorite test to tutor. Neill believes that changing a score is more about changing behaviors than teaching content, and that no score is unachievable given the right focus.

Rebecca Scott
Los Angeles, CA and Online

Rebecca has been immersed in the world of test-prep for 18 years; in that time she has trained teachers, written prep materials, and worked with hundreds of students on all major standardized tests. She is deeply knowledgeable about the GRE and graduate admissions, and delights in helping students reach their goal scores.

Brendan Mernin
New York, NY and Online

Brendan is a Founding Tutor and Director of Outreach with Noodle Pros, and has been a leader in test prep and admissions since 1989. In his nearly three-decade career, he has tutored, taught, and advised thousands of students and families worldwide; trained hundreds of teachers and tutors; and developed leading instructional content for the GRE and other exams.


GRE At A Glance

GRE Sections/Timing
Analytical Writing Assessment Always First Section 2 Timed Tasks - "Analyze an Issue"
- "Analyze an Argument"
1 Hour (30 Minutes Per Prompt)
Verbal Reasoning (2 Sections) Random Order 20 Questions Per Section - Reading comprehension
- Text analysis
- High-level vocabulary
1 Hour (30 Minutes Per Section)
Quantitative Reasoning (2 Sections) Random Order 20 Questions Per Section - Basic math skills (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis)
- Word problems
- Interpretation/analysis of quantitative info
- On-screen calculator available
1 Hour 10 Mins (35 Minutes Per Section)
"Research Section" (unscored) Random Order Varies Varies Varies
Computer or Paper? Computer — The GRE is computer adaptive by section. The average difficulty of the second math or verbal section is determined by test-taker performance on the first math or verbal section. Question difficulty impacts the final score. Test-takers can skip around and change answers within a section, but cannot return to a given section once the time is up.
Scheduling The GRE
The GRE is administered internationally, and is offered on a continuous basis in most regions of the world. Applicants merely need to sign up at an ETS-authorized testing center. Note that in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea, the computerized test is only available three (or fewer) times per month.

Exams can be rescheduled up to four days before the test date for a $50 fee.

Students can retake the GRE up to five times per year, and once every 21-days. Even if a score is cancelled, applicants are limited to five per year and must wait 21-days to retake.

Test-takers who do not elect to cancel their scores can view unofficial scores as soon as the test is complete. Scores will be sent to selected schools within 10-15 days of the exam.

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