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Our students are academic, athletic, and artistic achievers who attend some of the best high schools in the country. They are innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers, who deserve the best of the best when it comes to academic help and test prep. For our industry leading tutors, it is an honor to help ACT students achieve their goals. And it is a privilege to aid in their future successes.

In 2018, the stakes could not be higher. High school students are tightly scheduled, overloaded with homework, and fully aware of the importance of standardized tests for college admissions and scholarships. But with the right prep, the ACT does not have to be a dark cloud over the high school experience — or an additional source of anxiety for students and families.

Here at Noodle Pros, we curate the best ACT resources and techniques so that you don't have to. We are masters of standardized tests who have worked with multiple iterations of the ACT for up to 32 years. We work with students and families to create personalized prep plans, and often require fewer hours than competitors to achieve similar results.

Noodle Pros use diagnostic exams, practice tests, and face-to-face meetings to quickly identify holes in students' knowledge and preparation, and to quickly introduce strategies to recalibrate performance. But we are not only fixers; we are also listeners. Our students trust us, because we treat them with respect and individualized care. And, of course, because Noodle Pros achieve results.

Our Noodle Pros tutor was able to strike that difficult balance between professional and caring. She knew her subject matter cold. My child's scores increased dramatically with her help.

ACT Parent

Teaneck, NJ

The tutoring I received from Noodle Pros made my confidence in the ACT skyrocket. My tutor easily found out how my brain works with math and explained concepts in a way that made sense to me specifically.

ACT Student

New York, NY

My son was already doing very well on practice tests, but our Noodle Pros tutor got him the score he wanted. Our tutor knew exactly what my son needed to focus on to get the perfect score. I credit our tutor's work with his success!

ACT Parent


Our tutor was very conscientious. He got to know my son personally, even though their meetings were online. He was always professional, prompt and very organized. He had excellent follow up, and after every session he gave me a thorough and very detailed review. My son did very well on the ACT, and even worked with our tutor a second time to improve the already excellent score. He achieved even a higher score on the ACT retake. I would definitely use Noodle Pros again for tutoring!

ACT Parent


The Noodle Pros Approach

Profound tutor-student partnerships

Professional tutors with up to 32 years of ACT experience

Extensive knowledge of the most effective ACT resources

Expertise in learning differences and accommodations

Targeted and flexible prep to accommodate busy schedules

Immediate and lifelong impact on students

A Few Of Our Experts

Melissa Hendrix
Chicago, IL and Online

Melissa has been an industry leader in ACT prep for more than 20 years, developing curricula and core strategies for multiple national test prep companies. She is the lead author or editor for several Random House titles, including Cracking the ACT, 11 Practice Tests for the SAT and PSAT, 1,460 Practice ACT Questions, English and Reading Workout for the ACT, Math and Science Workout for the ACT, and ACT Elite 36. She has helped thousands of students achieve their testing goals, and has also trained new ACT teachers and trainers throughout the United States and internationally.

Bobby Hood
Austin, TX and Online

One of Noodle Pros' most in-demand ACT tutors, Bobby's innovative use of online platforms for efficient one-on-one test prep have made him a highly sought-after online test-prep instructor. He is a member of Mensa and the Triple Nine Society, and began his career as a CPA before attending the University of Texas School of Law on a full-tuition scholarship. He practiced municipal bond law for over ten years before returning to his original passion for providing personalized, expertly curated test-prep and academic tutoring.

Travis Chamberlain
San Clemente, CA and Online

Travis has been an ACT tutor for over 15-years (7,000 hours), and specializes in working with students who have reached a plateau with their test scores. His students have achieved staggering results (including several seven-point ACT improvements in under two months, and one nine-point improvement). By providing expert strategies and increased motivation, Travis has helped students receive offers of admission from such schools as Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Chicago, and Georgetown.


ACT At A Glance

ACT Sections/Timing
English (grammar & usage) 75 multiple choice q's 45 mins
Math (calculator optional) 60 multiple choice q's 60 mins
Reading (text-based analysis) 40 multiple choice q's 35 mins
Science (charts, graphs, scientific writing, experiment analysis) 40 multiple choice q's 35 mins
Essay (synthesize perspectives on an issue, state own perspective) Optional 40 mins
Guessing Penalty? No
ACT 2018 Dates/Deadlines (US)
Test Date Registration Deadline
July 14, 2018** June 15, 2018
Sep. 8, 2018 Not yet available
Oct. 17, 2018 Not yet available
Dec 8, 2018 Not yet available
Feb 9, 2019* Not yet available
April 13, 2019 Not yet available
June 8, 2019 Not yet available
July 13, 2019 Not yet available
*Excludes New York
**Excludes New York and California

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